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    QUESTION-ADVICE. Sterling Silo 30

    Ive got a bid up for a newer mint condition silo 30 for $280. I really want a MM silhouette right now but cant afford it. I love the MM SILHOUETTE NECK.
    Any opinions on the Sterling silo 30? Is the neck similar? I know its not the same but is this a good guitar, think it will hold me over for while til i can afford a MM?

    kevin amburgey
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    I'm not the most experienced player around here but I have a Silo 30D and I think it's a plenty nice guitar. When I first got it I had it set up by a luthier, not a tech, and he was pretty impressed with it along with my AX 30D.

    I'm sure you'll like it. Some of the older ones had locking tuners too. Mine is newer and did not.

    Also, I modded mine with a EBMM SSS pickguard so it has the same p'ups, switch and silent circuit as the EBMM Silo Special.

    I posted about the mod here on the site.

    Sterling Silo 30 mod
    AX30D CRB
    SILO 30D
    (They're better at being guitars than I am at playing them... lol )

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    Thanks for the advice. This one does have locking tuners. Cant figure out if i want to pay close to 400 for this one or save and get a used mm. IReally love the silhouette necks cause they are the first electric that reminds me of my neloved 1966 gibson j50 ive had since i was fifteen, so 20 years ive been wanting an electric that plays like my j50.
    You ever played a mm silhouette? If so did you mod yours to play more like a M M or just did some mods of your own likin?

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    I haven't ever played a MM guitar so I can't speak to any similarities or differences. I modded mine because I didn't have any SSS guitars.

    I also wanted to see if I could make it work, you know do the wiring and filing the pickguard and whatnot.
    AX30D CRB
    SILO 30D
    (They're better at being guitars than I am at playing them... lol )

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    I just picked one up from Music123 new open box $159.00 delivered. I believe they still have a couple. Love mine. Big Yamaha fan and was shocked how good this thing is. I bought the black with maple fingerboard. One of my favorite necks and I own approximately 35 guitars. This one is definitely a keeper. Really shocked how well setup it was right out of the box. The one I got was immaculate. Still had all the plastics etc.

    Edit: Mine is the Sterling Sub Silo 3 not 30. Sorry about that. Still a great guitar and for that brainer for me.
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