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Thread: EBMM EVH Trem Arm Needed

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    EBMM EVH Trem Arm Needed

    Anybody have an ebmm evh trem arm they want to sell? I called customer service and they said to change the collar and put a new arm in place. Don't really want to do that. I think the axis is a different arm.


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    I cannot see people having these as spares just lying around......could be wrong though.
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    The EVHs had a Gotoh trem, maybe go to them to see if you can get one?
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    Soller Sivcak Guitars have them for sure! Its the same arm that fits a Gotoh 1996T.

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    It’s not the same arm. The evh model is milled down a bit as it goes into the collar and the collar is different on the 1996t and I believe the screw that holds the arm to the collar is different as well. Smaller size screw on the evh.

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