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Thread: Majesty aftermarket pickup suggestions?

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    Majesty aftermarket pickup suggestions?

    Hello, all. I play a Majesty 6 and a Majesty 7. I like the illuminators, but I don't think they are the best. I really like the boosted hi gain genre, much like Adam D's tone from Killswitch when Howard sang for them. I also like the tone on the Fire From the Gods album and Letters From The Fire's album (Uberschalls). I currently play through a PRS Archon 100w with a Klon Centaur boost. I love this setup, but wanted to know if maybe there was someone like me but who has possibly experimented with swapping out the pickups. I am curious to see if anyone has a "the illuminators were good but the _________ is way better and blew me away" kinda stories. Thanks, all!

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    I use Nordstrand pickups and absolutely love them. For what you are wanting to do, I would recommend their humbuckers they call “Bonecrushers.

    Bonecrusher - Nordstrand Audio

    I am endorsed by Nordstrand but can also order and sell their pickups too. If you want to go that route, let me know and I would be more than happy to order those or any other pickups from them that you may want.

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