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Thread: NGD: EBMM Valentine

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    NGD: EBMM Valentine

    I recently picked up an EBMM Valentine and I am completely blown away by this guitar. It is really hard to get pictures that do it justice. The figuring in the neck is absolutely gorgeous.Mine weighs in at 6.69 pounds and I am absolutely loving the tonal possibilities.

    I put together a little clip running through some of the tones.
    0:00-0:16 Middle position/No Boost/No Coil Split
    0:16-0:31 Neck position/No Boost/No Coil Split
    0:31-0:59 Bridge position/No Boost/Coil Split N/A
    0:59-1:17 Bridge position/Boost On/Coil Split N/A
    1:17-1:32 Bridge position/No Boost/Coil Split N/A

    And here are some pics!

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    Congrats. Love the neck on that one.
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    Beautiful guitar! Congrats. I haven't been able to play one yet, but all of the great reviews can't be a coincidence.
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    Congratulations, fantastic neck figuring!!

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    The Valentine has the most ridiculous tonal range. It just rules for anything and everything. Congrats!
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    Beautiful machine!!

    My Vale is slowly becoming my favorite go-to piece.

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    That's a great looking neck man! I have a Morse form the 90's that is all flamey and figured. When I look down at it while I'm playing it I just get get all happy inside.
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    I about lost a friend today. Not really...but I was definitely struggling to keep my cool for a minute.

    I showed the other guitar player in my band the new Valentine and told him about the gain boost and cool tap. To my dismay, I look over and see him yanking up on the volume knob. Apparently he was unfamiliar with push/push and was trying to use it like a push/pull. Haha oh well, I would imagine those pots are pretty durable anyways.

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    thats a superb neck. Does the valentine also have buffer in line at all times like the luke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fusionid View Post
    thats a superb neck. Does the valentine also have buffer in line at all times like the luke?

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