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Thread: endorsees and the troll post

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    endorsees and the troll post

    The thread last week was locked...someone had an axe to pun intended.

    I'll try to explain....

    Endorsees are critical to a company from an exposure standpoint, marketing and sometimes research and development. One of the things that happens is that sometimes artists and the public think that our guitar and bass division is bigger than it truly is. We make a fraction of what Fender and Gibson make....we make less than PRS. WE have to pick our each genre there is pretty much one it's Albert....etc

    Artists leave for really just a few reasons....they are unhappy that we can't or don't allocate enough time and attention to them, or they are recruited by other usually smaller companies. Sometimes they are finding what they prefer elsewhere. I'm always sorry when someone leaves us because our inability to make them the priority they believe they deserve. If the artist leaves because the lack of attention that is always tough....obviously we have to pick who we think will help us the most and where we think we can help the artist equally. Some of the artists come to namm and do signings and demos and dont draw anyone but the pillars like Morse, Petrucci, Luke, Lee, Levin pack the booth and have a huge line for autographs. Somehow they expect the same relationship...their ego was not objective.

    On the's really pretty sleazy. EBMM never poaches artists and I mean never. The companies that poach make great promises and rarely do they pan out but the artist is tied to another company. If our product no longer gives them what they need that happens and I'm all about choices....that's why we dont have written contracts with any artist. We will not engage in a bidding war.

    The troll poster named some players that never had a deal with us like the talented Andy James. I'm sorry we disappointed Dean Wells...I know he still looks here and I think he is a great guy and a very talented guitarist/artist. Vinny was wonderful and a really nice guy and really fun to be around along with being a great player...he still is a part of the family as he uses our strings.

    Every company has transition in the people that represent them. I tend to look at who stayed and for how long.
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    BP, the rest of us forumites think you are about the coolest guy on the planet. No need to explain anything to us devotees. Keep up the great work!
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    Interesting insight

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    BP- I too really appreciate the insight on what happens behind the scenes. It's not something I've seen elsewhere, and it's definitely why I've been at this forum so long. I'll buy the book any time you write it.

    Btw, the post to which BP refers has been deleted. Guy came in with a bunch of troll posts. Not enough redeeming content to keep it. But I'm sure everyone gets the gist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    Btw, the post to which BP refers has been deleted. Guy came in with a bunch of troll posts. Not enough redeeming content to keep it. But I'm sure everyone gets the gist.
    Thanks for the context. Was trying to find the thread in question but didn't seem to be around...

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    Sterling, thanks. You know that you really do not have to explain anything, but since you did and often do, it's really swell of you to do that kind of thing. I don't know any other product owner/CEO in this industry who comes online to discuss things with the folks of the forum. It really just goes to show who and what kind of company this is and on a personal level who can share this sort of thing with us. I mean, there was even a recent thread where you stepped out to help one of our guys get in touch with a retailer about an instrument that might need to be looked into due to an order mishap. Who else does this? Never sweat the small stuff.. Hey bro, just keep being you, man..
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    All of the above represent how wonderful EBMM is.
    I don't even know which posts / poster fostered this thread, and really don't care. As soon as I see threads / posts by petty egos and/or simple ignorance, I choose to ignore them and move on. I learned a long time ago to not "feed the trolls...", and my time is way too valuable.
    Still, there has been a few times I wished this forum had an "ignore" button...
    Balls are Best!!

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    It is awesome that you take the time to explain this, and at the same time, sorry you have too!!! I believe I saw on the original posts and thought it was ridiculous. Great job BP & EBMM !!!!
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    Thanks for the open communications BP.

    I saw that thread. Certainly not the right attitude to take coming in asking for information. I couldn't tell if the person was genuinely asking or just outright trolling.

    Fact is, in almost any endeavor, people come and go for any hundreds of reasons. It's just life.
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    I wanted to start a thread to thank the mods here for closing that troll post very quickly. It was apparent they were looking for a fight. I'm still not sure why folks post those kinds of things and what they're trying to accomplish by doing so.

    BP's made it no secret how endorsees work with EBMM. Thanks for taking the time to say it again.
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    I know I will never be an EBMM endorsed artist because I lack being a big name player. But I will always endorse EBMM. When I signed on as a sales rep and artist rep to the guitar companies that I work for, I was also given endorsement deals from them. I made one request. My deals do not stop me from playing or promoting EBMM as well. I love the instruments you guys make. I don’t understand how more people don’t buy because the instruments have the best qc and play great. Even though I may never be an official EBMM artist, just know that I appreciate all that you guys do and will always promote the brand!

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    This thread illustrates why I want to send more $$$ to EBMM. They do things right, and the amount of info we get from the big wigs really makes a difference.

    Endorsement deals are always a crap shoot. Some companies pretty much never do them. It's a big investment.
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    I sincerely appreciate the products that you and your family innovate and sell, and I sincerely appreciate your involvement in these forums and the transparency and insights that you provide into your company's operations.

    You run a business and it is evident that you run it in the way that is optimal for you, your family, and your employees. Judging by the phenomenal quality of your products and your amazing customer service, you are doing everything right. I've used Slinkies forever. I bought my first EBMM in 1994, and, since then, I have purchased over 20 of your amazing instruments over the years. I will never be an endorse, but I am a thankful customer for life. You absolutely rock!
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    Good post and info BP, I responded to the troll and man he was full of anger for some reason. I like JH where it began but thought he definitely had an axe to grind for whatever reason.

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    Gotta say I've never seen as transparent a company and CEP as EB and BP. I've seen him chime in on many posts, from trying to get people instruments they are hunting for to explaining why finishes are discontinued to dealing with troll posts with this. Way to go EB, best customer service/communication ever.
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