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Thread: Feedback issue with 2 majesty’s...

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    Feedback issue with 2 majesty’s...

    Anybody have weird feedback issues with the majesty? Playing and then muting I get annoying feedback. I did not have the problem in the past. I tried a third guitar, just a cheap axe and did not have the problem anymore. Some people on an old thread were saying that it could be the springs needing foam to dampen them or even harmonics popping through but I have never had this issue before. Doesn’t make sense that out of the blue the springs decide they need foam. Any suggestions? Maybe an electronic issue? A big boner killer after spending over five grand between the two guitars.

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    More info?
    What amp/setting, stereo/mono, cables etc.
    Are you going straight to guitar input for amp or via stomps or multi FX and so forth.
    How low is action?
    It's an unusual problem, but I suspect is has something to do with the 25db boost.

    Is the boost on? and also try tweaking the trim pots in the back to lower the boost output.
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