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Thread: Twisted neck on new Majesty Monarchy

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    Unhappy Twisted neck on new Majesty Monarchy

    Hello all,

    I recently purchased a new Majesty Monarchy in red (6 string) from a very reputable online retailer. The guitar arrived within a week - I am in Canada - which was impressive turnaround.

    It didn't take long for me to see that the neck was warped. The high E string side is just very slightly bowed, while the bass side has a significant S in the neck.. It is very obvious. Enough so that the guitar could not be set up properly. I brought it to my guitar tech, and he confirmed that there was a warp in the neck.

    Pretty frustrating as finding these things is really hard, particularly without having to wait months and months. I have reached out to EB and have not heard back yet.

    Hoping I can get some sort of resolution near term.


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    Wow, that sucks. It's a rare occurrence, though these things are made out of wood and, so, that does happen.

    For warranty, any instrument should be returned to your dealer for service. They're the point of contact.

    Did you buy it in the US? If so, you'll need to ship it south to have it covered. In which case, wait for a response from MM. (Or give them a call today.)

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    So yeah, it was bought in Canada via a U.S. retailer and shipped up here.

    You're suggesting I get it back directly to MM?

    The paperwork needs to be very carefully sorted out to not trigger customs payments again.

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    The dealer should be your first point of contact. Was it shipped directly from the dealer? Most EBMM dealers are not allowed to ship internationally.
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    So ... the issue is that dealers aren't allowed to sell new instruments outside their territory (i.e. USA). This online retailer should not have sold a new item cross-border. This circumvents the support system that's been put in place to allow MM to sell and support a global customer base (which, as you can imagine, isn't easy).

    In cases where people buy an instrument outside of the territory (for example, by having someone else relay it to them), the warranties ares still honoured, but inside the dealer's territory. In these situations, the buyer would have to arrange for shipping to/from the US. Whereas, if an instrument had been bought locally, they could just take it back to the dealer and they'd handle the rest.

    Anyhow ... if you've already contacted MM, let them get back to you, or give them a call and talk to them directly so you guys can figure out what to do.

    Fwiw, I've shipped plenty of guitars from Canada to the US for service at MM. The customs value on the way back has always been the repair value. But of course the shipping isn't cheap, and you have brokerage fees as well.

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    Got it thanks.

    Pretty frustrating that the retailer would ship something with a f-ed up neck. Knowing that it's gonna cause issues, plus the customs, brokerage and shipping costs. Plus their selling outside of their sales region. Christ. Ridiculous.

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    Yeah ... that is super crappy

    Fingers crossed this works out quickly.

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