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Thread: New HSS cutlass. The hype is real.

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    New HSS cutlass. The hype is real.

    I never truly believed it when other players said that one guitar or the other made them play better. i always though it was more of a euphemism- like "plays like butter". After receiving my white HSS cutlass, I can say that it is possible. This thing is just flawless.

    I've only been playing for 5 years, but in that time i have tried many modern guitars, and this is by far the best guitar I have ever played.

    I think I may have finally found "the perfect strat". Super psyched and grateful to be able to own something so perfect.

    Thanks for listening to me gush.

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    I hear ya. I thought the same until I got my Albert lee. 17 years playing and suddenly the instrument seems to be making me better
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    It's a very real phenomenon. It's called inspiration. The quality, feel, and sound of instruments like this take us to another level. Enjoy your new Cutlass!!
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    I can't put down my Starry Night Cutlass. It just sings and the ebony fretboard is so snappy.

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    I just picked up a Cutlass myself and I was blown away. A quick setup and it's just the perfect guitar. Feels like I've been playing it for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve V. View Post
    I just picked up a Cutlass myself and I was blown away. A quick setup and it's just the perfect guitar. Feels like I've been playing it for years.
    Yeah, I strung up some elixirs on mine, lowered the action a good deal. The truss rod and intonation were spot on. The thing just feels so precise. it doesn't make a sound that I don't intend. I wish they had a bit more color options, as I traditionally stay away from the more boring colors, but the elegant simplicity of the white is growing on me.
    New HSS cutlass. The hype is real.-img_0960-jpgNew HSS cutlass. The hype is real.-img_0959-jpg

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    lovely guitar!! how does it sound the hb?
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    The Cutlass is an awesome guitar. I have the SSS version, and that's the guitar I grab for 9 out 10 times these days. Love the neck shape, so comfortable to play.
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    Congratulations!! Very elegant and pretty guitar indeed, have lots of fun with it =)

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