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Thread: Replacement nut for Sterling AX40?

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    Cool Replacement nut for Sterling AX40?


    Can anybody suggest a drop-in replacement nut for my Sterling AX40 guitar? It is a Floyd Rose-style locking nut.

    I'd prefer a high-quality brand like Schaller, Floyd Rose, or Gotoh. But any good quality brand that will drop right in my guitar with no modifications would be great, too.

    Can you please provide links, if possible?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

    Note: Sterling customer service is excellent. But I emailed them 2 weeks ago and they haven't replied yet, so I'm hoping someone here could help me.
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    You’ll need an R2 nut.
    Brian Martin
    Former VP, Praxis Musical, 2012 - Jan 2018
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    Cool! Thanks a million, Brian!

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    Hi, well, if you are not rushing I'd wait for a reply but anyway I would go to a professional luthier for asking an advice and a possibile price and option so that you can decide once you get a reply. (I don't know about ernie ball guitars but usually you can find better quality in guitar parts in the after market!).
    I had a worn nut on my 2nd hand luke and I asked my luthier to change it (great job with a tusq nut at a really cheap price!)

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    Thanks for the advice, bebop80! I'll look into it. Cheers!

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