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Thread: When do we get to see pictures from the 2018 NAMM room?

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    When do we get to see pictures from the 2018 NAMM room?

    I知 wanting a second Cutlass and would love to have an idea of the BFRs planned. Any idea when those pics will emerge?

    i want one of those pink burst NAMM specials, but there were only 6 of those. I知 hoping a future BFR will float my boat

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    Never, I guess... As I understand it, their idea is to announce the models on a monthly basis like they did with last year's BFR run, but without having them spoiled before the release. My guess is you'll see a new BFR page come up around September (like last year) with a bunch of blurry pictures hinting at the monthly releases.
    Now that would be quite nice and fair if ONLY dealers and retailers were allowed to get into that room and order the models, but as we all know there were other people (normal people, that aren't dealers or retailer representatives) who were allowed to be in that room and order whatever they wanted (obviously because they know the right people at EBMM). So there you have it, there are a few "special" people (besides dealers and retailers) that already know what's coming and already pre-ordered whichever models they wanted, and then there's normal people like us who have to keep waiting until we get to know what's coming. Then, if there's something that floats your boat, you have to rush and see if you get a chance at owning that limited edition, while other people have their purchase secured beforehand.

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    Well, to your point, maybe they'll release a list of what will be offered (just model, no specifics) that would provide some info so you could plan ahead. I.E. A new Steve Morse BFR, a new Majesty BFR, etc. Then you would be able to plan based on that. Just an idea.
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    The month of April will feature the final models from the 2017 BFR room. I'm sure the 2018 won't be announced for at least a little while so dealers have a chance to sell out of last year's special runs.
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