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Thread: Scratch on Majesty

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    Scratch on Majesty

    My son dropped the wire cutters on his guitar while he was restringing it. Is there anyway to fix this?

    Would a local guitar shop be able to smooth this out?
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    My condolences. You could drop fill it with a toothpick if you find a paint or nail polish tha matches close. That’ll make it less noticeable.

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    It’s a guitar not a Van Gogh. That should be the first of many.

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    My condolences, too. I would recommend the same thing as jlbasscatcher suggested. You can however, try to consult a guitar repairs man. Maybe that will yield better results. I unterstand you being upset about that scratch. Eventhough, an instrument is not a van Gogh I completely disagree with Norrin Radd considering this scar as the first of many.
    Somehow people are saying this alot but I don't understand how they handle their instruments. I have intensivly played guitars with only fret wear and decoloring of the fret board and the bridge. Most of my guitars are without a sincle scratch although I took them on stage or to rehearsal quite often. Some of the guitars I own for more than 10 years.
    Of course some have tiny dongs or scratches and it always hurts me when I see those damages but they are exceptions and a common or obligat thing.
    So I totally understand your frustration as I assume that the damage in your case is an exception, too. However, that is a very nice guitar with a nice color! Enjoy it.

    Regards, J

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    Thanks, all. My son is upset about this...he bought this himself and worked really hard for the money. I've told him that we'd take it to someone to look at it. Luckily we have two independent guitar shops in town. He plays on a stage every week at an open mike at a bar, so he will be embarrassed, but I've told him that you'd almost have to be looking for the scratch to see it from more than 10 feet away.

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    The first scratch hurts the worst. I always kick myself ... then forget about it.

    I've filled one or two with nail polish (when they get really bad). I've also used a sharpie, and crayon.

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    Nothing to be embarrassed about. I can understand him being upset, but I'm quite sure nobody in the audience when he plays would notice or care about the scratch. The first ding on a new instrument is always painful, but it's like the first ding on a new car. If you drive (or play) long enough, it's going to happen.

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    On a matte finish leave it alone. On a gloss finish yeah you could try to nail varnish or super glue a spot full and sand back and polish in sucessively finer grits to high gloss and if done right it could be almost invisible. But not on matte. Leave it alone.
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    Ouch. It sucks, but it happens. The best thing to do, as I've learned the hard way once or twice, is to accept it and move on. In the grand scheme, it's not a huge ding, and even if you can cover it up somehow there's no way to make it perfect again. I'm in the camp of protecting and babying my guitars as much as possible, but occasionally life happens.
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    I agree. Nothing you can do to fix this on a matte guitar. And most shops will not know what to do. What works for glossy guitars won't work here.

    Also, no human being in any audience is going to see that scratch. Hurts us owners, but the audience will never know.

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    Many guitar shops don't take finish work for little things like that. Those that do often are rip offs.

    I would say get a tiny bit of matte finish polyurethane for touching up hardwood floors. Just a TINY bit.

    If he's looking to get the same color and everything... it's just not going to happen, I'm afraid to say. It looks like it is just in the clear coat though. Maybe just a tiny bit of thin superglue will make it less noticeable.
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