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Thread: Input jacks going bad

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    Output jacks going bad

    Hello, has anybody here had issues with output jacks going bad on modern EBMM guitars? I own a 2016ish Majesty 7 string, JP15, and JP6 and every one of them has had issues with the output jack cutting out or getting scratchy. I own 13 guitars, play all of them equally and in the studio only, yet the EB are the only ones with this issue.

    They are all in immaculate shape otherwise. It's frustrating because I can't purchase replacement jacks locally for these as they don't use the standard switchcraft jacks like most of my other instruments.

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    Have you tried cleaning it with electrical contact cleaner and/or canned air? Also, some brands of plugs apparently are wider than the standard 1/4 inch, which unfortunately can prematurely bend contacts.

    I have a Luke III and the previous owner said it had an output jack problem, so I have a spare jack ready for when it croaks. The flush mount jacks look nice, and are great in some ways, but they are simply not serviceable like a plate mounted jack is.
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    Three guitars with bad output jacks? I'd have to suspect the cables/plugs you're using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    Three guitars with bad output jacks? I'd have to suspect the cables/plugs you're using.
    I have 13 instruments in this studio and every one is perfect other than the MM, I've also replaced the input jacks on one of these already, lasted about a year again.

    I use standard sized neutrik ends on all my cables I make which aren't any thicker than normal, the studio is humidity controlled and dust free.

    I guess I should just call EB and order a million of these to replace them as they fail.

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    Huh, well that sucks regardless. Scratchy could just be oxidation, in which case contact cleaner is worth a solid try. Could be the contacts are bent slightly too- you might be able to pull them back in place w/o having to replace the jacks.

    But yeah, you can certainly purchase the jacks from MM and replace them. Link in my signature.

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    I had a problem once with a worn jack, but the guitar over 10 years old.

    You mention Neutrik plugs - do you use the GOLD ones?
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