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Thread: Sterling by Musicman JP-100D Koa

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    Sterling by Musicman JP-100D Koa

    I have problems with my Sterling by musicman Jp-100D guitar.

    The high E-string won't stay on the board while playing and string stuck under fret between 2-3 and 22-24.
    I have spoken about this on facebook Sterling by Music Man Users/Owners Around The World group and there it was found that the fault can be bridge or in the nut.

    1. They notice G and B strings are verging right over the pole pieces in the pick up. That's what should be with the high E too.

    2.Then they said String spacing between the high E and B string are not properly set on the nut
    3mm may not seem like much, and next to nothing. But, it makes a huge difference in playability. And it may cause the high E to slip off the fret board.

    There's some pictures to help

    I do not have warranty.

    I hope you understand my problem and thanks for help.
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    The nut and the bridge look normal to me. Do you have a pic where the top string isn't stuck under the frets?

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    Yes I have. One of those 3- pictrues 2-3 frets and here comes when it stucks 22 fret
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    Look the nut, there's 2-3 mm difference between B and high E than others.
    May it cause the string slip on fretboard

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    Can you take a picture, head-on (so not from the side), showing the strings from the nut to the bridge, so we can see the strings in their normal state? (So put the high E where it should be.)

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    Yeah, pictures from a side angle like that are really not very illustrative.
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    There is some pics from nut to bridge and fretboard to bridge.
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    Again ... hard to tell, though it looks a little close to the side.

    How about standing over top of it and taking a picture from above, so it's centered side to side, and nut to bridge?

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    I had this happen on my BFR koa JP as far as the string slipping off the edge. The culprit was the nut and I had to get a replacement nut. The slots had been cut wrong. As far as it sticking under the fret when it slips off, that would require filing the fret edges to be smoother. This problem usually occurs on a guitar with fret sprout. Fret sprout can be related to the fretboard drying out. A humidifier may eliminate any fret sprout.

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    Not sure how u want to take pic, but here is another try, thanks for patience.

    To: BrickGlas

    Ok, the answer still remain same the one I getted in Sterling by musicman page on facebook.

    Thanks for answer
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