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Thread: New guy here. Majesty Monarchy - Royal Red on its way to me

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    New guy here. Majesty Monarchy - Royal Red on its way to me

    Never thought I'd be buying such an expensive guitar without trying it out first, but none of the local stores stock it. Sweetwater music told me to order it now for a July delivery. Guitar Center had one left in their warehouse which is what I'm getting.

    Had the hardest time deciding between 6 and 7 string versions.

    I was also torn between this and the Artisan with the gold trimmings. As far as I could tell the only real differences were the pickups used, (which could be changed out if so inclined).

    I am a little confused about the electronics. I saw in a video where you can use a stereo cord and split the output at the amp end for the piezo and regular pickups. I assume that's not REQUIRED to output both pickups using a mono cord, right? There's not a whole lot of online info on this.

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    congrats on making that choice it's well worth the price!

    not exactly sure what your question is mate, but if you're running one amp and a mono cord you can get all the tones, you just cant get the extra added bonus of tweaking the stereo signal on the corresponding two amps if that makes sense?

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    Ok, I was overthinking it and just wanted to be sure. Was about to order one of those expensive Mogami cables and wasn't sure if it needed to be stereo.

    I'm still not totally convinced cables affect "tone" as claimed as I have a good deal of experience in electronics from a lifetime of being a ham radio operator. But since I'm spending this much for the guitar I might as well have top quality cables. You would think that someone would have proven or disproven it with an oscilloscope where you see the actual waveform, which takes your hearing out of the equation.
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    Congrats! Iíve got a monarchy in blue, and it is absolutely fantastic. Iím going to go out on a limb and predict that youíll love yours from the second you open the case. I sure hope so, anyway! Theyíre really wonderful guitars.
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    Awesome! But... photos or it didn't happen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dibart77 View Post
    Awesome! But... photos or it didn't happen!

    I did, scroll down for my other post, "Just Came In."

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    Quote Originally Posted by St8kout View Post
    I did, scroll down for my other post, "Just Came In."
    Ahh... I didn't realize both threads were the same guy! Sorry!

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