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Thread: Opinions from 2016/2017 Stingray owners

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    Opinions from 2016/2017 Stingray owners

    I will be picking up a 2016 Stingray in a trade this week and I am curious on current owners opinions on theirs. I am super excited as this is my first EBMM, i would love to see your pics and hear your impressions of yours!


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    Being the EBMM forum, they will likely all tell you they love it ( I know I love my cutlass). For a wider spectrum of opinions, you should pose the same question at The Gear Page

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    EBMM makes some of the highest quality of instruments. Even their entry to mid level overseas built stuff is of really good quality. Where you have to be careful is making sure everything on the guitar is kept original or if you mod anything such as pickups, you keep the original parts because EBMM will not sell replacement components unless you give them a one for one OEM part first. I’m not sure the reasons for that and I know of some people that won’t buy EBMM because of that but for whatever their reasons are, that is their rule. So just keep that in mind on the one you’re looking at. Make sure it’s all OEM parts and components.

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