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Thread: EBMM neck care

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    EBMM neck care

    Greetings all!

    I finally bought my first EBMM and it is a JP6 Dargie Delight II and I am absolutely in love with it.

    I never played a EBMM before and the neck is out of this world and I plan to keep it this way. I read the FAQ in the main site and just wanted to know when and how is a good time to refinish the neck. This is a 2009 guitar and I am the third owner so it definitely had some playing time before but I'd say the neck still feels fine but what are you guys experiences with this?

    Should I do the proper maintenance beforehand and sand down a little and reapply the oil and wax or wait until I feel the neck become more rough? I'd love to hear how you guys mainting this neck silky smooth.

    Thanks to you in advance!
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    It's sort of personal preference. I rarely do it - only when the neck feels rough or sticky. Some do it once a year, or more. It's not something you generally need to worry about it.

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    Hi and Welcome to the family! As beej said it's a matter of personal preference. I clean mine about every 6 months or so. However, I don't do the whole sandpaper thing. I generally will either stick with EBMM Wonder wipes to clean it along with the fret board (as long it's not maple) or I'll use some Murphy's Oil soap and paper towels - depends on how dirty the neck is. Also, if you do a search on the forums here you'll find a TON of different opinions on this.

    Oh, one other thing - we have a saying around here - no pics no guitar!!! Your avatar pic doesn't count .
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    Let your hands be the guide. I made a mess of my neck when I tried to do it before. It took months to sort out but now it's fantastic. I recommend Renaissance Wax as a maintenance item. I have had great success using it on my rosewood neck

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    I very rarely oil and wax mine -- like years between. Some people do it every few months. I use ultra fine Scotch Brite instead of sandpaper and very lightly. The trick is to not let the oil and wax sit on the neck. On and off. I'd say if the neck feels good to you, don't worry too much about it.
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    I just play them with clean hands and that seems to be enough maintenance for my guitars. I wouldn’t think of refinishing one of these beauties and I can’t imagine why.
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    I would say get some EB wonder wipes and use those on the neck, to see how much crud comes off. I have re-oiled one neck, and another I took off and REALLY cleaned. The first few times with the Water/Oil Soap combo came off almost BLACK. The tru-oil had also started to flake.

    It basically depends on how bad it is.
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