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Thread: Majesty vs JP BFR

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    Majesty vs JP BFR

    Howdy, forums. Old member here coming back after yrs hiatus from the whole music(man) game.

    I can't seem to find a Majesty to try out locally, but have owned 3 JP BFR's in the past. In terms of feel and playability are they comparable in the sense that if I clicked with the BFR I'll click with the Majesty?


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    Different neck shape and fretboard radius. 15" vs. 17" radius as far as the fretboard is concerned, and the neck on the Majesty has a slightly more robust feel. I don't know if that helps a lot, but overall I'd say that since you liked the BFR model you'll probably like the Majesty as well. The bevelled body is also ergonomic and comfortable.

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