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Thread: Have any of you had any problems with your Majesty Monarchy guitars?

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    Have any of you had any problems with your Majesty Monarchy guitars?

    Basically, i am gathering money to buy/import (to EU) a new Majesty Monarchy 7 string royal red, which could cost me up to 4100 euros. I have been eyeing the guitar and doing research on the Majesty in general for 2+ years and by the end of this year i plan to buy one. However even though 90% of the reviews and comments are very positive, i always see a very small amount of comments that point out faults (which of course is normal since in every run of every product there are some faulty pieces), which comments sway me since i fear that i will oder a 4000+ euro guitar and once it arrives at my doorstep after more than a month of delay, it might have a fault and a whole new chain of proceedures must be made in order to either swap it with a new one or fix the problem... Thus i ask you, did you guys have any problems with your own Majesty Monarchy? Did the weather change greatly affect it to the point that you had major problems? Any more tips about the guitar? All feedback is appreciated!

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    Fear nothing and proceed as planned!! =D

    Nightmarishly worst case scenario, you send back the faulty one, and have it replaced with a brand-new one (0.0001% probability in the physical Universe we occupy).

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    When you say "import", do you mean you're getting a dealer to import one for you, or that you're importing one from another region?

    MM make wonderful guitars, but keep in mind that things can go wrong with any guitar. If the guitar needs to back to the factory for work, you'll want to be covered by a warranty. For that to happen, you'll need to send the guitar back to the dealer you bought it from.

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    Yeah, i mean that i will have a dealer import it for me from the US.

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    I'm yet to own a guitar that didn't have at least one glitch (my Ibanez UV777 is probably closest to perfection), but most problems are minor and can be fixed easily without sending guitars back. And things like truss adjustments due to weather aren't really "problems".

    Yes the Majesty is expensive, but EBMM has a strong reputation for quality and I would feel confident that you will get a great instrument that meets or exceeds your expectations.

    Good luck with your decision.
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