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Thread: I bought a masterpiece! Cutlass HSS RS

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    I bought a masterpiece! Cutlass HSS RS

    Hi everyone!!!
    Yesterday i bought my definitive axe! the new Cutlass HSS Roasted, it's the best instrument i ever tried, amazing sound and playability, lighter and balanced, no hum and incredible figured wood.
    I have to say: Thanks Ernie Ball Music Man for making the best guitars in the world!

    Music Man Cutlass RS HSS

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    Yeah, those roasted necks just can’t be beat - good looking example you’ve got there!

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    heck ya! That neck looks really beautiful!
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    WOW!!! That is awesome! Congrats. They are great!!
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    Wow Looks great. Congrats!!!

    Glenn |B)
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    The Cutlass is easily one of the best designed guitars in a LONG time.

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    Balls are Best!!

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    Congratulations, epic neck figuring!!

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    thanks guys!! i love this guitar!!! now i have to put in 0.10's strings
    Music Man Cutlass RS HSS

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    Very nice! Waiting patiently for my SSS version to turn up in the same finish over here in the UK. Not due till August! it's gonna be a long wait lol.

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    That looks amazing. The neck looks like it is definitely worth the extra money. Would be interested to know how different it feels to the old Cutlass neck?

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    YES you did !!!!!

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    It's different, because now she has the wax and oil finish (like the Valentine), i love it!! also the neck profile it's very confortable for my hands.
    It cost much more than older version, but for my personal opinion, this finish is the best you can have!
    I don't know if the pickups are changed or not, they sounds great, clear, sparkle and defined, and the silent ciruit works really well (i use the tube amp Brunetti singleman ).
    I really appreciate the tone control, when you roll down the tone the sound becomes warm e more dark but always defined! it's important to me!!
    Music Man Cutlass RS HSS

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    Wow! What a neck! Congrats!

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