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Thread: The New Valentine Tremolo Models Are Here

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    The New Valentine Tremolo Models Are Here

    Ernie Ball Music Man is excited to announce the 2018 Valentine guitar with an updated super smooth tremolo. This new model is the latest upgrade to the original signature Valentine, featuring a standard lightweight slab ash body, stunning figured roasted neck, and custom Ernie Ball Music Man electronics that perfectly complement the Valentine's already dynamic and articulate signature tone.*Learn more about what the new Valentine Tremolo has to offer on our website*here.

    The New Valentine Tremolo Models Are Here-valentine18-email-1280x720-jpg

    The Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine guitar now offers three exciting new finishes: Husker Red, Toluca Lake Blue, and Saturn Gold.

    Husker Red
    The New Valentine Tremolo Models Are Here-husker-red-jpg

    Toluca Lake Blue
    The New Valentine Tremolo Models Are Here-toluca-jpg

    Saturn Gold
    The New Valentine Tremolo Models Are Here-saturn-gold-jpg

    James Valentine at NAMM 2018
    Watch as James Valentine talks with us about his new signature guitar live at the 2018 NAMM Show.

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    Really love the look of the gold and the blue.

    Was thinking that they would look amazing in a semi-hollow version.

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    Sweetwater also has these in many of the original colors, including my favorite...Natural. Looks so tempting.

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    Those are gorgeous! Want! Want! Want!
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    I'm looking forward to these, we have a Husker Red arriving later next week. I thought I ordered that color as a hardtail, so it was a nice surprise today when I found out it was a trem version, and ready to ship!

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    I decided to take a trip last weekend and I finally got to play one for the first time. I must say the neck feels phenomenal and is super comfortable for me after becoming accustomed to JP necks over the last 8 years or so. However, the sustain just wasn't there and multiple notes just died out as you moved up the board past the 12th fret. happened on all three higher strings. I'm not sure if it was the setup, strings, or fretwork. The shop hadn't touched it yet as they just recently received it - brand new non-trem in blue. The neck was straight and absolutely perfect and action was not the issue. On my way there I was prepared to buy it, but I walked away disappointed. I'll give it another shot when I find another one in stock locally to try out in person before buying.
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