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Thread: steve morse 3 way toggle

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    steve morse 3 way toggle

    hi all

    i'm trying to fix-up a steve morse standard which had a missing toggle switch. the toggle switch that was missing is the 3-way 6-pin toggle near the input jack (this is the toggle that brings the slanted pickup into the mix).

    i purchased a replacement from ernie ball.

    the guitar tech has the the wiring schematics, and i sent him a picture of the inside of a steve morse standard, but he's confused. one of the confusing parts is the small green PCB that appears to have 9 pins and is attached to the 3-way 6-pin toggle. i'm not electrically inclined at all, so i can't really help him.

    can anyone help explain what's going on in the steve morse standard with the 3-way 6-in toggle and the 9 pin PCB? if so, i'd greatly appreciate it and i'll pass it along to the tech...

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    It's being used as a simple 3-way switch (on/on/on).

    Basically, the output from the lever switch is wired to the top lug of this switch, rather than to the volume pot, as would normally be done. The neck single is wired to the bottom lug. Then, the middle lug is wired to the volume pot.

    So- this switch is the 'gate keeper' of what goes to the guitar's output (volume pot). Flip the switch one way, you get the lever output. The other, you get just the bridge single. In the middle, you get *both* (lever + bridge single). It's pretty simple really.

    If you look at the wiring diagram, you're only using three of the lugs from the PCB. It's overkill. Probably just b/c Steve liked that particular switch.

    If you need a wiring diagram, PM me your email address and I can send you out. Good luck.

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    I like the OP's screen name dreghead!

    Dregaddict was maybe too 'addicting' im guessing?

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