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Thread: New member , guitar player review, locking tuners

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    New member , guitar player review, locking tuners

    Hi , new member here in the UK , I have just ordered a sub ax 3 in red after reading lots of good stuff about them. I usually play epiphone les Paulís so am really looking forward to itís arrival.

    I was looking at getting some locking tuners in the future and have searched on google . Anyone here living in the Uk or Europe will be pleased to hear you can buy 4 + 2 sets left or right handed from a company called axetec . I have had a bridge off them for a strat and wiring and stuff for my les paulís And they seem good.

    Does anyone know what issue Guitar player magazine reviewed the sub ax 3 in . I am guessing it was around 2012 but canít seem to find info which month .

    Anyone on here use the sub ax 3 ? Would be interested to hear.


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    Can’t help you re the AX3 but good to know about the tuners. Thanks

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    Thank’s for the reply dude, got it today and have enjoyed playing it tonight ��

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    I have an AX3 and played it for a little while. It has a nice neck and easy to play, but I also have an AX40 which i love to death. So the ax3 is collecting dust now.

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