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Thread: Model introduction history/Catalogs

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    Model introduction history/Catalogs

    Hey folks,
    Was wondering if there existed some resource here or elsewhere on the web that detailed a comprehensive list of the various models MM has released over the decades chronologically, or a visual compilation of the various models/colors etc that were released? I have spent a decent amount of time looking online, and have been surprised to see how little information is in the public domain relating to this. For example, I was wondering what year MM released the first 7 string? When did Steve Morse join the MM family? What did his models look like back in the day? Perhaps I could find some individual answers here and there, but wondered if there is a history of MM models out there like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Carving etc have? Cheers!
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    At one point I tried to compile a listing in a Word document, but it's kind of difficult because EBMM is always improving their models. For example, their original guitar model the Silhouette had a listing with about 9 addendums as the model evolved over the decades (different bridges, pickups, etc.).

    I can help you out with a few things:

    EBMM's first 7-string was the JP7 which came out in 2001 (at least I don't think it was delayed, I think it was released simultaneously with the 6-string version).

    Steve Morse joined EB in 1984 with a string deal that evolved into a guitar deal after EB purchased MM from bankruptcy. The current Steve Morse Signature is essentially the same as it was when it came out in either 1986 or 1987 with a few small differences: the original had a 6-bolt neck attachment and had a finish on the neck. These evolved to the current 5-bolt neck attachment in the early 1990s (the 5-bolt debuted on the EVH Signature when it came out in 1991 and migrated to the Silhouette and the Morse over the course of the next year or so) and the oil-and-wax neck finish (same deal - first on the EVH then migrated to the Silhouette and the Morse). When they were doing the Y2D project EBMM digitally copied the worn-in neck from Steve's original #1/50 (the first 50 Morses were hand-signed and hand-numbered by Steve; his favorite of the 50 he numbered 1 and kept it) and copied it for the Y2D, which came out in 2004; that carve migrated to the regular Morse in 2005. The original Morse was only in blueburst - they added other colors over the years but by 2016 it was back to only being available in the blueburst finish.

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    I was fascinated with the story / history behind the first Dargie Delight run, and wanted to document the history of it a few years back. It turned out the information I was able to find was so scattered and invalidated that I eventually gave up.

    I did, however, post an attempt at documenting the Albert Lee model history:
    History of the Albert Lee model...???
    ...although I have no idea how accurate it is or isn't, and I'm sure it's not complete...
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