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Thread: Can I down tune my Axis without the intonation going out of whack?

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    Can I down tune my Axis without the intonation going out of whack?

    I'm pretty clueless with regards to setting guitars up etc. Currently my Axis is in standard tuning (Ernie Ball regular slinkys 10s), but my band wants us all to play in E-flat. I'm worried that putting all my strings down a half step is going to through the intonation out/cause other problems, due to the floyd rose. I can't find much information about doing this with top-mounted floyds. I know it would cause problems with recessed floyd guitars, but what about top-mounted?

    I recently had it set up professionally, so I don't really want to pay for another set up..

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't have a guitar with FR, but I would think that since the trem sits flat on the top of the guitar that it wouldn't be a problem to use E-flat tuning.

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    It should not majorly effect the intonation. You may need to adjust the truss rod due to the reduced tension.
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    My band plays one set tuned down, so I'm regularly in E and Eb. It's never been an issue with intonation.

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    Intonation is adjusting the distance between the nut and bridge (by adjusting the bridge saddle positions) to get that total distance exactly twice the distance from the nut to the 12th fret, which is exactly half the total distance but is fixed (thus why you have to adjust the bridge).

    If your floyd is resting on top of the guitar, which it is on an Axis (i.e. it doesn’t float), then when you lower the string tension to tune down, it won’t cause the bridge to move (because the bridge rests on the top of the guitar) and therefore by definition the distance between the nut and bridge won’t change and therefore the intonation won’t go out.

    I should add the lesser tension will cause the neck to pull back slightly (making the total distance longer and the action slightly higher) but IMO this would impact the intonation negligibly, and of course if you re-adjust the truss rod to bring the action back, I think it would bring the intonation back to what it was.
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