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    NGD Valentine

    Non-trem Toluca blue. Got a great deal on it brand new at a local shop and couldn't pass it up. Not the most unique neck on this one but it does feel great. I just finished setting it up with 10s and it plays great. One question though, where is the boost gain adjustment? Is it inside the electronics cavity?
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    Congratulations on the new addition!!

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    Nice! That really looks good in blue. The adjustment for the boost is inside the tone control cavity. Somewhere on this forum is a Valentine thread with a pic of the inside of the cavity.

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    Great looking guitar - congrats!
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    Congratulations! It's a beauty! These guitars are fantastic.

    Regarding the boost adjustment, it's one of these cream squares with a screw (sorry, I don't know the english word for that one ) if the electronics didn't change (I don't remember which one).

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    Yep, I found the other thread earlier tonight with the location descriptions. The boost is the top most pot in your pic above, which I figured seeing as the PCB is labeled. The other thread where this was discussed goes on to explain the other 3 adjustments . Here's the link: Question about my Valentine
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    I need to find that. I cantle figure out how to adjust mine.

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