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    Ngd jpx

    hey everyone. I received this one yesterday, bought used and shipped from the US to NZ. Quite poorly packed: guitar rattling around in the case, unsupported, unwrapped, and the case rattling around in the box. Luckily there doesn't seem to be any structural damage other than the compartment in the case that's been damaged by the upper horn.

    Anyway, this is my first EBMM. Until now I used to learn and practice my Dream Theater stuff using my Ibanez Iron Label, which is a fine guitar, but after some cleaning, oiling the fretboard, new strings and a set up this one has me truly impressed. It is by far the smoothest playing guitar I ever played and I prefer the neck profile over the Ibanez. The pickups sound great, make it easy to nail the DT stuff but not just that. They're not overly hot so they have enough detail and dimension to them for just about any genre.
    Also dig the piezo; it's really fun.

    I could hardly put it back in the case last night and can't wait to get off work so I can get back to playing.

    Ngd jpx-jpx_001-jpg

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    I guess you all know what it looks like, but anyway, here's a daylight shot:

    Ngd jpx-jpx_002-jpg

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    Nice congrats, that color is a great one.

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    Man, I love that color -- wish it was offered on other models!

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    Congrats and welcome!
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    Congratulations, Barolo is one of the best!! You can also tighten the vibrato bar so that it's loose by the way. Have lots of fun with it.

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    thanks everyone! Really enjoying this guitar.

    Last night a had a look at the squeaking tremolo. First I thought it would be the posts, so I put on some Big Bends Nut Sauce. But that was not it. Then I put a finger on each spring one at a time: in the tremolo cavity there's a threaded insert (I guess that's where the robot arm mounts) and that insert is raised a bit and was touching one of them.
    So I offset this one spring and now it's fine.

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