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Thread: Majesty Monarchy Piezo Output and Tone Varies

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    Majesty Monarchy Piezo Output and Tone Varies

    Hi Everyone,
    I am experiencing strange behaviour with my piezo output on my majesty monarchy guitar.
    At any time I have three different flavors of output:

    1. Normal. Tonal Ok.
    2. Tinny. Very thin and very low output from the piezo.
    3. Much louder with correct tone.

    All instances (1,2,3) are without any alterations to the piezo tone settings on the back of the guitar.
    The battery power is full charge.
    Has anyone else experienced this type of behaviour?
    Any advice for what I should do to correct the problem that I am experiencing?

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    I haven't had that issue. I would guess it's faulty preamp or something related. Your best bet is to contact customer service
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