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Thread: Incredible neck on the new Cutlass RS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by telebg View Post
    Just bought this beauty! It will be my first EBMM. Can't wait.
    Wow man congrats, heck of a way to start out here!!!!!!!

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    I DID IT! Just got my first Music Man guitar. I haven't bought a guitar in at least 20 years and have been wanting a new guitar with modern features in the basic Strat format. I got the latest version Ivory White HSS with roasted neck and rosewood fretboard. Pleased to find out that the nut works fine with 11-50 - no need to widen the slots. I tried all 5 springs but that was too tight so I removed the middle spring and used 4 and bent the whammy down I little so it doesn't stick up so high. Will get a pic soon and post it. It makes you wanna play without the pedals because it has such a great sound straight in the amp.

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    Damn you SlimBob! I won't have one until sometime in August. Now make me feel worse by starting a NGD (New Guitar Day) thread and post some photos!
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