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Thread: Pick up swap on Axis Supersport ?

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    Pick up swap on Axis Supersport ?

    Hi all.
    I've been gigging my Supersport for a few years now. I have consistent feedback that the guitar's tone is "edgy" and "cutting" live - not necessarily in a good way.
    I find the guitar's tone a little anemic in comparison to my Les Paul's and Strats. I would like to hear from anyone who has had positive results swapping pickups. I'd consider it if there is something out there not so aggressive, but with a lower output and with a little more P.A.F tone - what pick up could you recommend ?
    (Otherwise, I absolutely love the guitar).

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    It's not the Axis SuperSport, but similar enough: I just put Thornbuckers into my 25th Anniversary (aka Reflex) and they're different but I like them a lot. Still getting a feel for them but they were a fairly easy swap if you're gonna stick with stock wiring.
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    I recently picked up a Luke III and have to say how impressed I am with the Transition humbuckers. Very clear and not too middy, but still plenty of output. Thinking about trying them in one of my Morses.

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    Hi Al,
    I have been through pickup swapping years and years (mostly Dimarzio, such as Norton, Air Zone, 36th PAF, Virtual PAF, Virtual Hot Paf, and of cours AT-1), but recently came back to the Axis buckers. I consider them to be the best I have tried in all those years for rock to metal guitar.
    I also think they are not particularly edgy , and I am convinced that many suspects in the signal chain may contribute to edgyness.
    If you like to stay in the Custom buckers' ballpark, you might give the AT-1 a try. They are VERY similar at first glance, but a bit softer and warmer, yet they have something many describe as "outstanding harmonics", "hramonically rich", or similar, hard to describe.
    The AT-1 is however a little less tight than the Custom buckers, and for some reasons I prefer the whole package of the Custom's more at the moment.
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    There's tons of great pickups that fit that bill. Lollar Imperials, SD Antiquity or 59's or Pearly Gates, Gibson '57 classic. List goes on and on. Pretty much every builder and boutique builder has their version of that style of pickup.

    "lower output and with a little more P.A.F tone"

    In an Axis Sport (ash body) I put in a Lindy Fralin pure P.A.F and it sounded great. The thing is you'll never really know what it will sound like until you put it in your guitar. Videos and sound clips have pretty limited value since it never really ends up sounding the same. Too many variables. Guitar it's in, amp, how it was recorded, how the person played it etc. etc..

    Getting it from a company that has a good exchange or return policy makes sense for pickups
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    What amp are you using? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radrock View Post
    What amp are you using? Just curious.
    Ya, that and what pedals or pedalboard setup do you have. Some detail on that might help. You may just need some corrections or tweaking in this area and not even need new pickups.
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    Have you tried messing with the pickup height? That can sometimes help.

    If you want more "vintage" the Dimarizio 36th anniversary PAFs are NICE. They may be a bit to low output for most people though.
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    I, too, love my Axis SS pups. I do have a bit of a preference for the Transition’s in my LIII’s, though. They are a bit warmer, IMO.

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