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Thread: Why I will never buy another Music Man guitar...

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    Why I will never buy another Music Man guitar...

    Note from DrKev

    We don't habitually censor incoming complaints and this will be no exception. But I fail to see what could possibly be useful here, other than an aggrieved customer having a sacrastic rant (as they admit themselves). Having looked at the attached screen shots, I think most people will agree and judge it accordingly.

    These are warranty issues, CS are doing their job, so thread closed. Move along, nothing to see here.


    So, I bought an Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass. I (or really my wife) received the guitar while I was out of state. My job requires me to travel frequently and sometimes for several months at a time. I was excited and had my wife unbox it and look it over for me. I of course had her send me pictures. Everything looked fine and I couldn't wait to get home to see it in person.

    Fast forward 2 months and I'm finally returning home. What was initially feelings of anticipation and excitement quickly turned those of disappointment. This guitar had several small signs of poor craftsmenship that could not be seen in the photos my wife had sent me. I'm attaching the emails that took place between me an Ernie Ball's customer service.
    Why I will never buy another Music Man guitar...-capture-_2018-07-03-21-58-52-jpgWhy I will never buy another Music Man guitar...-capture-_2018-07-03-22-02-17-jpgWhy I will never buy another Music Man guitar...-capture-_2018-07-03-22-05-18-jpgWhy I will never buy another Music Man guitar...-capture-_2018-07-03-22-43-40-jpgWhy I will never buy another Music Man guitar...-capture-_2018-07-03-22-46-33-jpg
    I initially told Ernie Ball that I didn't expect them to do anything about it and I wish they hadn't. They denied responsibility for the cracked neck plate (which is a common with EBMM guitars) and blamed it on others. They even said the guitar went thru 3 quality control checks. I guess EBMM are to fragile for shipping? 3 quality control checks and they're willing to acknowledge they must have missed the crooked input jack but never, EVER the neck plate. Crooked spring claws are normal. In the end all they would offer me was a mismatched tuner and an opportunity to spend even more money for an extra dose of Ernie Ball craftsmanship and 3-4 weeks with no guitar. I'm just not into petty finger pointing from anyone let alone a company that claims to offer premium products.....and at a premium price. I have a $500 Mexican made Martin who's build quality/ fit and finish is incredibe. I have a $300 China made Gretch bass that makes this Ernie Ball look very, very silly. I've exclusively uses Ernie Ball strings since I've started playing as a child. After this experience I can't even bring myself to purchase strings (or anything else) from them...What's wrong with admitting that a crap guitar accidentally slipped through QC and making it right? I suppose Ernie Ball can more easily afford to lose a customer than a few bucks fixing their mistakes.
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