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Thread: New to me SBMM Valentine but question on pickups

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    New to me SBMM Valentine but question on pickups

    Howdy all!

    I just joined your merry band (although my son has had a stingray fretless 5 for the past 6 years, so perhaps I have been an EBMM owner for a while as I funded his purchase).

    I have been wanting an EBMM Valentine for a bit but with a kid in college and one in daycare my disposable income has been, well, disposed of. So I picked up a SBMM Valentine yesterday. The original owner did some nice things to make it a player (new tone pot for a Q sound, refinished neck after sanding, level a couple frets, and strap locks).

    My question is; what is the material in the pickups? Are they ceramic or alnico?

    Thanks all!

    The Beatnik

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    Welcome!! Remember a guitar does not exist without pictures, hahahahaha.

    About the pickups your best bets would be to post this question on Facebook for the Sterling by Music Man group and/or email Sterling by Music Man directly as they are run by Praxis I believe.

    Glenn. |B)
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    Have fun with it and congratulations on the purchase!!

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    Thanks guys...

    Yes, I need to get a pic. Until then meet my favorite rig, figment.

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