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Thread: Would you buy a MusicMan mail order having never played one?

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    I've also bought many ebmm models before playing them and in addition to the excellent quality control you can count on the fact that they all share that ebmm neck DNA. The way the necks feel and the comfortable dimensions of the necks are a shared trait between the models. The shapes vary but the feel is always the same. You simply can't go wrong.

    I gave my eldest son a really nice Axis several years ago and I told him that I've played most of the brands and that the ebmms are the best you can get. Years later, he plays Hendrix and SRV perfectly so he naturally wanted a Strat. Until he played one. Hahahahahaha. He said it just didn't feel right and he doesn't want one now. I have a feeling that a Cutlass will do the trick for him.
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    Yes, I just bought a Valentine/trem in red.

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    Yep. My Luke III came in yesterday sight unseen. Perfect right out of the box. It was even a blemish. Still looking for that. The instruments are sublime. Zero problems with buying without playing first.

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    I bought mine from GC online. Had not played the guitar (never even played the previous model without the Roasted maple neck).
    Itís incredible.

    Have no fear!

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    I just ordered my fourth EBMM online and I had never tried one in person before ordering. I got three from Sweetwater and one from Axe Palace. I've tweaked the setups, but all have been flawless instruments. #4 hasn't shipped yet and I'm already considering another!

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    I bought two online and they are perfect.

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    I bought my fourth today. All used from eBay. 😀
    Hoping today's purchase is as brilliant as the other three.

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    I did. Bought the Monarchy Majesty. Read everything I could find out about it, liked what I read, then bought it. My poor Strat hanging on the wall has been collecting dust since then.

    I freakin' love this guitar.

    I've since bought an Orange Micro Dark amp (used the $170 in gear points accumulated from buying the guitar from
    Added the Fishman pickup and Omnisphere software. I'm in heaven.

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    I have owned 5 EB MusicMan guitars and basses. Of those, only 2 were played before I purchased. They make great instruments, with a very high level of consistency.
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    Iíve played enough MusicMan instruments to feel confident buying a new one site unseen at this point. But if youíve never played any of their instruments, you may be surprised how narrow the nut width is. Most folks on here will be aware of and fans of their neck profile. But on other forums it can be a love it or hate it thing. I was concerned after reading the nut width spec and wanted to try before buying. Turns out itís fine for me. But Iíve read some people posting that it was problematic for them. Basically the strings are unusually close together at the nut. Fat fingers may have a hard time pressing one string without interfering with the others. Small fingers can play very efficiently with little movement across the strings.

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    I've done this three times now, most recently with a StingRay Special 5HH. After buying my first EBMM (JPX 6), I've completely trusted EBMM to build absolutely perfect guitars.

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    Ha! I do it all the time and I just did. Perfect.
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    I have ordered two of soon-to-be-mine MM axes (see the signature) based on extensive (online) research, never having played a single one (where I live, itís practically impossible to get your hands on a demo MM). Now, I am pondering an idea of ordering the third model. I have no doubts that they will exceed my expectations, both tonally, as as well as when overall quality is considered.


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    No... but not for a bad reason.

    I've had 11 MusicMans (MusicMen?) (1 x Axis Sport, 2 x Axis Super Sport, 4 x Albert Lees, 1 x JP6, 1 x JPX-7, 1 x JP15, 1 x Valentine). Out of those, I got 7 unseen. They've all been amazing, as have those I selected after playing.

    Recently though, I've struggled to find a Cutlass/Stingray that was as resonant/nice as the AL HH I played. However my JP15 is super new and an EPIC guitar.

    So the only reason I'd hesitate is that I got damn spoiled so far! They're out there, but with so many guitas I don't play around the house, I'd rather play them and get one that's truly special.

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    What they all said..

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