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Thread: Would you buy a MusicMan mail order having never played one?

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    yes I have. also its the first 7 strings guitar i ever bought without ever playing one.
    very happy with that choice.

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    I did it yesterday... for about the 10th time. No worries at all.

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    I, too, bought my first MM ASS off of ebay in 2004. I have since bought 5 MM's online (two of them from overseas) without having played them before and never regretted it. I have never had any issues with all of these MM guitars.
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    Just did it for the third time last week. Should have a NGD post up later tonight

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    Here's the deal IMHO - I think by and large one is very safe buying an EBMM online whether new or used. User abuse notwithstanding on the used side, one can be assured the craftsmanship will be top-notch.
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    I've purchased 7 over the years. 3 of them were sight unseen and I still have all three. Two of those three are Reflex's that I gig with the most. I haven't gigged without my Reflex Gamechanger since I got it. I would feel very safe buying one sight unseen.

    My only problem with music man guitars is the ones that I buy are then discontinued. I'm like the kiss of death for music man guitar lines. I love my Armada and my Reflex's!
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    Its the only way i have purchased all my EBMM’s

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    I'm fine buying mail order. Just make sure there's some kind of return policy. I've gotten a bunch of guitars through the mail from Musician's Friend, eBay, Kiesel, Music Go Round, and Music123. I've had good result with all.

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    Mine were all purchased without being played, although with Valentine and St Vincent I had been able to play other examples to get a general feel for the model
    The only guitar I currently own that is one I personally played before buying is my 59 AVRI strat
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    All of mine were purchased online. Mostly Reverb and The Gear Page, but just bought one here.
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    I bought all of mine from the web. First one I got just on reputation of EBMM and my love of Dream Theater. After trying that JP6 I was hooked and bought a L3 and JP15 later. They are all superb.

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    I just purchased my first EBMM guitar online without ever having played one.
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    Absolutely.. Infact that’s the only way I’ve ordered them. I don’t have the luxury of a guitar center or Sam ash here in my island in Hawaii. Luckily I’m a EBMM and SBMM artist and order directly from my artist representative but I’m never worried because EBMM guitars and basses are just the best fit for me.

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