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Thread: Music Man JP6 Bridge problems

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    Music Man JP6 Bridge problems

    Hello guy's im new member on this forums and need some help whit this please.
    On my music man jp6 i have a problem whit the bridge, i read in the forum, the bridge needs to be flat and same height whit the body and have same tension on springs in the back of bridge, but on one side its more lower(1-2-3 string side) than the other side so i was thinking how to give more height on that side, the truss rod i guess it's fine, i feel good the playability only feel the 1-2 and 3 string more low i guess its for that problem on that side of the bridge and i dont want to up the saddles i feel the problem comes on that part of the bridge what you think? i need to rise that side using the poles on the bridge or using the screw behind the body and no matter one side have more tension than the other? im circle the parts on this pics and how it looks, sorry if i dont know how really call that parts
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Music Man JP6 Bridge problems-36728097_1900535223331827_1274846666838507520_n-jpg   Music Man JP6 Bridge problems-36712451_1900542746664408_787983124217724928_n-jpg   Music Man JP6 Bridge problems-36788634_1900535399998476_6027019381890875392_n-jpg   Music Man JP6 Bridge problems-36754113_1900535279998488_2360075419526365184_n-jpg  

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    Hard to see from the picture but it sounds like the posts on the front of the guitar need to be adjusted so the bridge plate is level with the body on both sides.

    You adjust the amount of tension by the number of springs you use and how much those two screws in the back of the guitar that hold the the spring claw are tightened. They recommend tightening it tight enough that the bridge plate rests against the body of the guitar. I like mine to float so I use less spring tension.

    from the faq:

    Floating Petrucci Tremolo (including Majesty)

    1. String the guitar
    2. Set the bridge plate height
    a. Tune up the inner 4 (or 5) strings until some amount of tension is placed on the trem system.
    i. This will help keep the bridge from “jumping” on the pivot screws and in its natural resting place while performing the setup.
    ii. Full string tension, tuned to exact pitch, is not necessary.
    iii. Tension is only placed on the inner 4 (or 5) strings as to not permanently nick the outer strings while adjusting the pivot screws.
    b. Raise or lower the bridge using the pivot screws until the plate is level and flush with the top of the body.
    i. Ensure the bass and treble sides are even by sighting from the back of the bridge.
    c. Move the trem through its full range of motion. If the front edge of the plate contacts the recess (usually at the end of the dive bomb motion), raise the bridge until it moves unimpeded.
    3. Block the tremolo
    a. Place an object to block the bridge between the bridge plate and body.
    i. You can use anything that will support the bridge under tension and not mar the finish. A folded piece of cardboard wrapped in masking tape works well.
    b. Maneuver the bridge and block to where the bridge plate sits level with the body, supported by the block and held in place by the tension on the springs.
    c. Tune to pitch. If the bridge plate begins to lift out of the recess, more spring tension is needed. An extra spring (up to five) can be added to the rear trem cavity if necessary.
    i. Check that the trem springs are engaged through the entire range of motion. If they disengage from the claw when the bridge is pulled back, remove a spring and readjust the claw.
    ii. Generally, 9-42 string sets will use two springs. 10-46, 11-48, and 10-52 will use three. Heavier gauges in standard tuning can use four or even five springs, but drop tuning will usually lessen the tension to only require three or four.

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    Thanks bro for the advice i guess better solution its like you said, the posts need to be adjusted higher on that side, i feel that is the only problem because the strings 4-5-6 i feel good but 1-2-3 i feel to low so i will do that, once again thanks for the answer

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