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Thread: Fantasty Music Man guitar

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    Fantasty Music Man guitar

    I know most of us here do this. We fantasize about our favorite MM and what features we'd like the guitars to come with. I've even read in many posts what a lot of you guys say.
    I just had to mention that I dream of one of those pretty new 2 pickup Steve Morse guitars with a set of creme coloured P90's. That is all................
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.

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    A Morse (either standard or Y2K) with exotic wood top - burl or spalt.

    You smell that?

    It’s money burning a hole in my pocket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kestrou View Post
    A Morse (either standard or Y2K) with exotic wood top - burl or spalt.

    You smell that?

    It’s money burning a hole in my pocket!

    You mean you don't already have one???? hahaha That would be cool
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.

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    A koa AL!
    AL SSS BFR Pinkburst
    AL SSS Neptune Blue
    AL HH Starry Night
    AL HH Candy Apple Red
    AL MM90 Sparkle Turquoise
    L3 HSS Olive Gold

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    1) A Gamechanger Reflex HSHP, with Trem, with the Axis Pickups, and a Roasted Maple Axis Neck, not the Silhouette Special neck, WITH a Emerald Green Quilted Top.

    2) A Gamechanger Reflex HHP, with Trem, with Petrucci's Illuminators, Roasted Maple Axis , with Quilted maple top Sapphire Blue

    3) A JPX7, with a Roasted Maple neck, fretboard wood doesn't matter, with the Gamechanger tech, and a Quilted maple top.
    or a JP157 in the Teal Burst with a 5 way switch and Gamechanger tech.
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    I love EBMM guitars but I'm not a fan of fancy tops & bling finishes or rosewood fingerboards so for me it would be a Natural wood finish Axis Super Sport with a maple neck (not roasted) ,stainless frets 24.75" scale length and cutlass bridge.
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    Here it is again!

    Fantasty Music Man guitar-ebmmjp6caramelburst-jpg

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    For me, it would be real hard to top this...

    Balls are Best!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop View Post
    For me, it would be real hard to top this...

    Noice! Got one of these myself with an INSANE neck. Starry Nights are gorgeous. I wish the burst was a little more pronounced but otherwise it's all the right shades and sparkles-level!

    Dream EBMMs:

    * Hardtail JP15 or JPX (or at the very least, non-floating)
    * Silo with SS frets and Roasted necks (I don't like the Cutlass/Stingrays nearly as much as the Silo/AL HHs)
    * Cutlass RS HSS in Stealth, but with Maple/Maple Roasted neck (the black paint on those is a huge loss...)
    * Axis SS with larger frets and a forearm contour
    * Firemist Purple on more models (non-JP/Luke)
    * Black hardware on the AL (stealth AL HH with Roasted all Maple neck!!)
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    I can't think of a way to improve on this one.

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    Would love more guitars with a reverse headstock. Saw a Steve Morse model with one, and a Cutlass would look so cool with one.

    Stainless steel frets on Axis and St Vincent.

    Axis with pickup switch where the sig one was.

    Valentine with 2 hums.

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    At the moment? Blueberry Burst quilt Axis, mahogany body, roasted maple neck with SS frets, forearm cut, possibly built on a short G-style scale, but not quite sure about that last part. I'd really like to be able to try one before I committed to the short scale Axis. When I magically become good enough to be an EBMM artist, I'll ask them to make me a prototype to try out.

    I've still got a long list of guitars that are actually possible to get to work through before I can worry about fantasy builds, though.
    My stuff:
    2007 Axis Pacific Blue Burst (9/25/07)
    2016 Axis SS Starry Night PDN (11/23/16)
    2016 Axis SS Semi-Hollow Trans Teal one-off (6/8/16)
    2018 Axis BFR Steel Blue No. 45 (9/18/18)
    2010 JP6 Mystic Dream (6/22/10)
    1989 Fender HM Strat HSS Blackstone
    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Caribbean Night
    1995 Washburn N2 Padauk Stain
    2017 Taylor 224ce-K DLX Koa
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    SBMM S.U.B. SB4 Black

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    Either a Stingray or Cutlass in transparent purple, matching headstock, roasted maple neck, gold hardware and white pearl pick guard.

    The artist formerly known as "radrock"
    Axis Hardtail TransPurple #89749 (3/28/97)
    Reflex Classic White #G71108 (7/14/14)
    StarryNight #G79870 (12/14/16)

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    Silhouette Special (or cutlass as a second choice) with roasted maple neck, stainless frets, and a gold anodized pickguard and white knobs/covers. Clearly, I would have to have two, one in sunburst with a rosewood or pau ferro board, and a white or trans white one with roasted maple board.
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    Cutlass HSS (2018 Roasted Special, Ivory White)

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    Same answer for me, Lefty Bongo guitar

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