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Thread: JPXI 7 PDN Emerald Green back to action!

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    JPXI 7 PDN Emerald Green back to action!

    Hello guys! It's been a while since I don't post here.

    My previous tour in Europe with The Voynich Code was amazing so I decided to share a few pictures on my guitar in action. We got to play at UK Tech Metal Fest and Resurrection Fest. It was amazing!

    Here's some Emerald Green love. I love how this guitar looks live. Can't go wrong with the Sparkle finish!

    JPXI 7 PDN Emerald Green back to action!-voynich-code-9-jpg
    JPXI 7 PDN Emerald Green back to action!-voynich-code-8-jpg
    JPXI 7 PDN Emerald Green back to action!-dsc01243-jpg

    Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JP13-7 Silver
    Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JPXI-7 Emerald Green

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    Love the sparkle!

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    Very nice piece!!!!

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    That is a killer finish. \m/
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