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Thread: Tom Morello’s Floyd Loaded St. Vincent....

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    Tom Morello’s Floyd Loaded St. Vincent....

    Anyone seen this yet? Pretty cool...

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    how cool is that!! Our band once did a whole show just with RATM, which was pretty challenging.
    I admire this band and Tom Morello
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    Awesome! I think a floyd option could be standard for the HH version.

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    Way cool! I love that the St Vincent has caught on so well. It's really fantastic to see so many great players adopting this guitar. I feel like after looking at this pic, a Jack White version should be made too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifeson1 View Post
    Anyone seen this yet? Pretty cool...

    I didn't even know about this! Brian is the world's biggest RATM fan so I'm glad we've got channels open to Tim and to Tom.
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    Very cool. A relocated 3-way toggle and a different control knob configuration!
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