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Thread: Majesty has piezo bleeding through to magnetic but doesnít show on oscilloscope

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    Majesty has piezo bleeding through to magnetic but doesnít show on oscilloscope

    This is a continuation from a prior post that no one replied to. My Majesty goes to a splitter via a stereo cable and then directly to the amp, nothing else in the signal chain. For some reason, when the top switch is in the middle position, the piezo signal is still coming through to the amp. It shouldnít be because the splitter is only sending the magnetic signal to the amp (I have the piezo output of the splitter connected to nothing for testing purposes). I have tried 3 different amps and it has done it on all of them. Iíve tried my JP6 through the same setup and it doesnít do it. BUT, if I connect the Majesty to an oscilloscope, it shows no output from the tip with the top switch in the middle position with the magnetic volume all the way off. Theoretically, there should be something showing since that very same setup is producing sound in the amp. Does anyone have any thoughts? I donít have a problem sending it to Music Man (besides UPS breaking it in transport from Illinois), but Iím afraid theyíre just going to hook it up to a scope like I did and tell me nothing is wrong and then send it back and Iíd be out $120 in shipping plus Music Manís bill. But this is 100% an issue with the Majesty since Iíve tried other amps and also my JP6, therefore eliminating a bad cable or bad splitter. Not to mention I checked both with my multimeter and it all checks out fine. Help??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acooljt View Post
    Does anyone have any thoughts?
    You may already know this, but, just in case you are not aware, the following quote is from EBMM's FAQs (3rd from last in the Music Man Guitars section):

    FAQ | Ernie Ball Music Man

    Look at the back of the guitar to see the LED on the battery box.

    For the Majesty:

    To select mono or stereo output on the Majesty, press and hold the Piezo volume knob, the signal will mute and return, and the output will alternate between mono and stereo. When the signal returns, the LED on the battery box will pulse blue once for Mono or twice blue for Stereo. (This "pulsing" also happens every time the instrument is plugged in, so the user knows the output setting upon startup, first amber then blue).

    The trick here is to keep holding the knob. The length time from initial press, to mute, to signal again is about 7-10 seconds, and is this long to ensure during live play, the function is not accidentally activated.

    If at any time the knob is released before the signal returns, the instrument will exit the function with no changes made to the output.

    In Mono mode you are able to access both the piezo and magnetic cables through one mono cable to one amp.

    Once in stereo mode you are able to use a TRS or stereo cable from the Majesty to another device that will allow you to split the signal to two mono cables, one for piezo and one for magnetic.
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    I am aware of this and have made sure I was in stereo mode when I did it. Also, I made sure to use the stereo jack on my JP6.

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    As I understand it, the Majesty makes use of the GameChanger circuitry (not all of its features are exposed on the Majesty) while the JP6 does not, so there could definitely be some differences in how they behave just due to that factor. I'd suggest communicating with customer service about the issue you're seeing, and see what they have to say about it. The checks you've already performed may be useful to them in deciding how to proceed.
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    Yeah, I’m kinda thinkin the GameChanger is the culprit as well, though it almost seems like a bad switch or a bad jack too. Anyway, I have contacted Customer Service and all they did was said to change the batteries and if that doesn’t work then I have to send it to them in California. It’s kinda disappointing, I was hoping for better service. They were nice about it and all which is good, but were not all that eager to help. I understand it might be difficult for them to communicate some of the more complex electronic concepts to a normal person, but most people don’t have oscilloscopes, haha. Anyway, that’s why I came to the board as a last ditch effort before I have to send it to Cali. It’s like $120 in shipping round trip and I run the risk of it getting broken/damaged by UPS. Plus, based on my experience this far with MM customer service, I run the risk of them just hooking it up to a scope, seeing nothing, and sending it back saying there’s nothing wrong. I don’t mean to slag off Music Man, their guitars are great and everyone has been polite, they just don’t seem very motivated to help. I kinda hoped for more when I’ve given them $5k on top of all the EB products I buy too.

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    Could you solve the problem? Got something similar going. Not really a problem since I don’t really need stereo mode. But as you say. 4000$ and I want everything to be well

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