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Thread: SBMM Armada?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaseyBall View Post
    we need more EBMM's in more stores.
    Definitely this. I've been actively seeking them out when I'm traveling, but I've mostly been striking out. The Chapman video really made me want a blue Armada. I'd love to be able to try one out.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I suppose the manufacturing costs would have a bit of an effect as some have said and especially for a guitar which in its original form is not (unfortunately and undeservingly so) as popular as some of the others out there.

    Though looks like there would be some market out there for it if the consensus of this thread was anything to go by fingers crossed for someday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinjin View Post
    (if a certain Sam Ash in Sarasota, FL were to get in an EBMM Armada, in say, Balboa Burst Blue, with a build code something like 750-Y4-20-00, we would be there that day with about a 98% chance of it coming home with us that night)
    Sam Ash in Margate is the only dealer in South Florida that I ever see EBMM's in. They actually had quite a few on my last visit, but no Armada. I bought a Valentine two years ago without seeing one in person... still hadn't come across one in a store until Sam Ash got one a few weeks back.

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    Necro bump - the problem with the Armada IMO is the lack of a second volume + tone. They took everything that makes a Les Paul a Les Paul (pretty much) except the dual controls... and created the Armada.

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    If they offered an Armada that looked like the custom one made for Rob Chapman, I'd be all over it...
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    I've got a black one and I'm in love with it. I think the problem is that guitar players...as a general rule...are dumb.

    No, but really, it's not a cheap guitar and if we're not exactly dumb, we're not exactly rich...at least most of us. Cheap? Would that be more accurate? Many guitar players can only afford one $2k guitar. So why would they take a chance on a guitar that they've never touched or seen anyone play?

    Take my word for it, it's a sweet sounding axe, full of mojo. Feels very different from any other EBMM offering.
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    Hey! I’m bald!!!

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    So my tuppence worth here...

    The Armada is the secret weapon, - It''s a bit like the Valentine without the artist - when I played a Valentine it was amazing, but I didn't think it would be and that's the bit that blew me away.

    When I got my Armada I bought it purely on looks, I'd watched the videos, watched Blues Saraceno play it, watch the pics posted here, but never touched one.

    When the box opened in my living room it was like 3000 times better than I every hoped for, it's hard to describe, but it looks better in the flesh.

    Tonally it's such a dynamic guitar, I cannot understand why these aren't a best seller, the "pizza" on the top I hear from others is a think that people either love or hate, but I love it, mine looks like a 50's Caddy, and the one that EBMM built for Rob Chapman with the all plain top does look nice - I think it works well with and without.

    Anyway - enough of my rambling.... If you haven't tried one do it now !! sounds like time is running out to get them!!!!


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    Before the Armada maybe a Sterling Steve Morse Y2D and a Sterling Bongo

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    Dont forget the BP said there will be Jason Richardson Sterling Sig

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    Traded my quilt top Armada a few months ago... I’m dumb... it was a fantastic guitar and I wish I had it back. I thought it was beautiful... I never had anything but compliments on it... just dumb...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaseyBall View Post
    we need more EBMM's in more stores.
    I looked recently for stores that carried EBMM & SBMM. Two stores somewhat near me supposedly sold them, but when I went to those stores, they said they no longer sold them. I didn't push for their reasons. It's a shame.

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