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Thread: JP100D music man - string buzz

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    JP100D music man - string buzz

    Hi, new to this site and newbie to Music Man guitars. I purchased a JP100D from Guitar Center about 6 months ago. I just love this guitar. I am tired of dealing with floyd rose tremlo type systems and this guitar is amazing.

    Has anyone had any trouble in changing strings where the end doesn't want to come out of the hole? I use D'Addario 10s and sometime they won't come out and need me to take the string saddle off and use something to push them out?

    I had to do that recently and now I am having some string buzz and am thinking I need to increase the height of the saddle but am worried that will throw everything off on the tuning and so forth. It is the high E that has a slight buzz.

    I do like how low the action is and easy to play the guitar is and don't want to lose that.

    Overall i love the guitar just wish the string anchors would easily come out when changing strings.

    Thanks for your help. Remember I am newbie

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    Welcome to the forum, Tony!

    Adjusting the height of one saddle will not mess anything up at all. Go for it!

    Re: string sticking in the block, I had an old strat years ago that would do the same thing. I used a small allen wrench, just like the one you'd use to adjust the saddle height adjustment screws only a little bigger, and I could push it through the saddle to the ball end and unstick it without removing the saddle. Sometimes I could do it with a thick string (like a piece cut from a heavy low E string).
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