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Thread: Artisan Majesty 7 still in production?

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    Artisan Majesty 7 still in production?

    I ordered an Artisan Majesty 7 Marrone through GC back in June and the "Available by" date has been pushed back twice.. should I be concerned? It's my dream guitar
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    I wouldn't worry. I'm sure they are just very busy. The guitar is still shown on the music-man site and the seven-string is still an option. Hang in there...it will be worth the wait and then some!!!

    Oh, almost forgot - you can always call MM Customer Service and ask them. I'm sure they'll put your mind at ease .
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    Still in production 101%. Marrone is the only available finish by now. Given that you placed the order in June and according to my experience I think that your guitar will be in your hands around December if not longer. I hope you get it the soonest possible =)

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    Yes, they are still in production!

    Here are the build codes for the currently available Majesty 7 string models

    607-A1-50-00-CS-GD Majesty 7 - Marrone - Ebony - No Pickguard
    607-M1-50-00-CS-BM Majesty 7 - Polar Noir - Ebony - No Pickguard
    607-M2-50-00-CS-BM Majesty 7 - Glacial Frost - Ebony - No Pickguard
    607-M5-50-00-CS-BM Majesty 7 - Arctic Dream - Ebony - No Pickguard
    617-A6-50-00-CS-BM Majesty 7 - Black Knight - Ebony - No Pickguard
    617-A7-50-00-CS-BM Majesty 7 - Majestic Purple - Ebony - No Pickguard
    617-A8-50-00-CS-CR Majesty 7 - Royal Red - Ebony - No Pickguard
    617-A9-50-00-CS-CR Majesty 7 - Imperial Blue - Ebony - No Pickguard

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    BM=Black Matte
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    Thanks everyone, this is the first guitar I've bought on order (and most expensive!) so I appreciate the feedback on the process, etc. Cheers!
    Proud owner of:
    2018 Marrone EBMM Majesty Artisan 7
    2014 Polar Noir EBMM Majesty 6
    2017 Sahara Burst SBMM JP157 w/ Illuminators

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