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Thread: Modern vs. Vintage Tremolo Bridge

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    Modern vs. Vintage Tremolo Bridge

    For those who own various EBMM guitars, can you provide a comparison of the vintage and modern tremolo bridges and point out pros & cons (if there are any)?

    I'm interested in differences of feel, tone, tuning stability, perceived weight, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm travelling and I don't have my Silhouette Special with me to directly compare the new Cutlass sitting on my lap, but if you'll allow me to work from memory...

    In actual use the two trems feel about the same to me and I doubt I'd know any difference if I was blindfold and had to guess. They do look a little different, the new one of course has the new cover on top which feels nice but I could easily live without. The bridge plate is redesigned - the mounting posts are further apart, the advantage of which is that the high E saddle will never touch the treble side mounting post when you do a total dive bomb. Intonation adjustment screws on the new one are adjusted through holes in the back of top cover using a 2 mm or 5/64" allen wrench rather than a phillips head screw. Personally I always hated screwdriver adjustments so that's a plus IMO, but I need to get a spare 2 mm allen wrench for personal mini/stage setup kit.

    Trem block on the old vintage trem was made of brass, the modern one is a very clean and serious looking black-coated thing of unknown metal. But I cannot honestly attribute any difference in use to that. The trem arm might be a little shorter on the new bridge too. I like it!

    In terms of tuning stability I don't expect a big difference in performance. At the end of the day they are both a two-point knife edge mounted bridges. The locking tuners help and a very small amount of lubrication (in the nut slots and at the top of the saddles) is always key to maintaining tuning stabilty with any non-Floyd trem system.
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