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Thread: JP7 or Majesty Glacial Frost?

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    JP7 or Majesty Glacial Frost?

    So I have been offered to trade my JP7 in Stealth Black (with piezo, but no boost or coil split) for a 2014 Majesty in Glacial Frost.

    I have owned the Sterling MAJ100, and found it to be quite smaller than what I am used to.

    The JP7 has some weight behind it that appeals to me since I primarily play Gibson Les Pauls and Explorers.

    The JP7 is in flawless condition, while the Majesty appears to have some significant wear in the smoked chrome on the bridge. This isn't really an issue as I can have it replace for the black hardware in the future.

    That being said, I am not much of an extended range player. I usually tune my guitars to open C and prefer Devin Townsend style metal and ambient playing. I am not much of a shred guy and I have read that the Majesty is a bit better feel for rhythm with the slightly thicker neck (front to back not side to side)

    I took the time to go to the local GC to test drive a EBMM Majesty, and I must say I enjoyed the weight it carried compared to the Sterling model which felt like a toy.

    I am planning on going back because the guy at guitar center had me playing through a Peavy 6534 which I was not a fan of and I think may have turned me off to the Music Man initially.

    I know it is a matter of playing and how it feels, but I wanted to get some feedback from people who may own both or have owned both.

    What did you like about the guitars? And which did you prefer more?

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    Hi twonacott, I prefer the jp7 over a 6 string majesty but, if you say that you are not much of an extended range player, then i'd go for the majesty. Perfect deal would be the jp7 for a majesty7.
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    Hi Tyler

    I don't know how much value the JP holds for you, but when it comes to playability and features I would take the majesty in a heartbeat. It really depends on whether you want a 6 or a 7 string, but to be honest I have never even played a better guitar than my majesty monarchy 7 and it is everything i ever wanted from a guitar
    I think if you're cool with a 6 string majesty, there's no chance you'll regret it.
    Good luck making the decision!


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