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Thread: JP100D Trem bar doesn't stay in?

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    JP100D Trem bar doesn't stay in?

    Do you have to tighten the JP100D Whammy Bar to get it to stay in place? Just bought mine used and it didn't come with the whammy bar or tools. I ordered the replacement bar but it just drops in the hole and doesn't pop-in or screw in that I can tell. Goofy question I know, but Im used to the Fender Strat style that threads in and I didn't get the tool with my guitar. Just trying to figure out how it works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Push the bar down so the bridge tilts forward and look at the bridge from the bottom of the guitar. You’ll notice a little hole in the area where the whammy bar is. You can insert a hex key (can’t remember the size) into that location and it will tighten the bar for you. Make it as tight or loose as you’d like.

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    If I'm not mistaken isn't that the process on the vintage trem? I thought the JP100D had the modern trem with the tightening screw on the post where the bar is inserted. At any rate, I checked for a tightening screw below the trem and found nothing. But I think the answer to the question is that I will have to tighten the trem bar with a tool whenever I use, otherwise it can fall right out.

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