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Thread: What can I do to thicken up sound of Stingray RS?

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    What can I do to thicken up sound of Stingray RS?

    I have a Stingray RS. Very musical instrument.

    I don’t know if it’s the scale length, the roasted maple neck, the SS frets, the trem, or even the
    stock strings, but I’d like to thicken up the sound a bit; add some midrange.

    What would you recommend?
    Strings and gauge? Pickups?


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    Pedals... lots of pedals....
    Balls are Best!!

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    First thing I would do is raise the pickup heights a millimeter (or three). That will absolutely beef up your sound immediately.

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    Was thinking of throwing in some Alnico 2s in there (of some sort).
    And throwing on some Skinny Top/Heavy Bottoms on it too.
    With a narrow nut, not sure how those will fit on there.

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    A thick sounding tube amp.
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    Any suggestions for a thick-sounding tube amp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darchirnoj View Post
    Any suggestions for a thick-sounding tube amp?
    It depends on what styles of music you play. I can only offer suggestions based on amps I actually own and have personal experience with.

    Fender amps with 6L6s or 6V6s (e.g. Deluxe Reverb) are a good choice if you want cleaner sounds or as a pedal platform. For a more Marshally tone, I have a Friedman PT-20 and that is big and thick sounding to the point where I add an EQ pedal to thin it out for rhythm work. The Friedman Dirty Shirley is also thick. (I would not recommend the Runt 20 in the Friedman line - nice amp, but thinner sounding that its siblings). I have a Mesa Mark V 25; it is more versatile that any of the above with its tone shaping controls and graphic EQ, but it is usually the PT-20 I plug into if I am after thickness. There are many other tube amps that will get you thick sounds, but these are ones I currently own and use.

    Finally, consider your amps speakers. That can also make a significant difference.
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    Wow! Those are some great recommendations.
    You mentioned the Runt 20 was thinner than those mentioned.
    Have you ever tried a Runt 50? There’s one near me locally that I can try out.

    I’ll still try the pickup swap and string gauge change with the Stingray.

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    Did you raise the pickups? That’s super easy and may give some positive results.

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    I owned a Runt 50 for about a week last year. I exchanged it for the Runt 20, which I later sold to acquire the PT-20. I would not describe the Runt 50 as thin, and the clean channel is more versatile than the 20. Having said that, the one I had exhibited a bit of harshness that was not to my liking. YMMV.
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    Not yet.
    I was out of town to, amongst some other things, purchase a guitar
    to replace my Stingray RS...
    Ultimately, I did not buy a guitar, but plan on tweaking
    the pickup height when I get home, along with exploring an amp.

    I am currently between amps, but last played it with a 5150 (I), Landry LS, and a Mesa Triple Crown 50

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    "Thickening" up usually means adding low mids. Definitely something you can get from a pedal (Klon style ones are a good place to start) if your amp doesn't naturally have them.

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    I’d start inexpensive... if you want a “warmer” sound (not higher output), just swap your favorite string gauge to “Pure Nickel” strings... (NOT “nickel coated”). There is a major difference! Pure nickel is what was common back in the 50’s-60’s rock.

    FWIW, Pickup height will only change output... to change sound you would add/take away or ise different gauge windings and magnet types (opinions may vary on this), so you could consider different pick ups.

    Good luck!
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    I don´t recommend raising the Pickups, you get more output but loose dynamics in the first place. Not every guitar and amp combination works great - start there. No pedals no nothing but a good qualitiy cable.
    In the worst case maybe you need another Musicman guitar or a pickup swap.
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    Not sure what's in the StingRay, but moving to a 250k volume pot would help. I like the Music Man DiMarzio PAF types thru a 250k.

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