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Thread: My go to Axes! What’s yours?

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    My go to Axes! What’s yours?

    As a EBMM artist I’ve taken advantage of having some the best electric guitars and basses in the world.. This year has been a realization of my taste of what I like and I don’t like and more importantly what works well for what I do and what doesn’t. This year so far I’ve added two new EBMM pieces. A valentine and a BFR Stingray and they’ve been used a lot. For my solo gigs it’s 65% of the time the BFR Stingray and/or my Balboa Blue Armada. Single-Coil Guitars has been my One-off Mary Kaye Albert Lee SSS and my Cutlass 2016 with roasted neck and rosewood fretboard. My workhorse in the studio has been my Majesty and St.Vincent amongst the ones I use live. Great to have options! Anyways, what’s your go to axes?

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    Sadly I am only a bedroom hero when it comes to guitar playing. I have 3 SBMMs - Sub3, AX40 and newly acquired JP150.

    I have to say without doubt the JP150 is my main axe now(I had to sell 2 guitars to get it). I cant put the thing down. I have never played a non-floyd guitar that has stayed in tune before. This thing is rock solid for tuning.
    The only thing I will be looking at is replacing are the meh pickups. Although they are OK sounding, they lack some refinement.
    So once the funds are there I will replace them with something else - maybe PAF pro. Not sure yet.

    I might jump on later and ask for ppls advice on PUPs.

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    My Pre game-changer Reflex I bought a couple of months ago has disrupted my guitar playing world.
    It’s displaced all of my other guitars and has me considering selling off a lot of my collection.
    Especially if EBMM were to come out with a hardtail version of the Cutlass RS HSS. (Hint hint��)

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    My current #1:
    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-img_1263-jpg

    And #2
    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-cab-blk-guard-7-jpg

    And for those bass gigs:
    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-euro-5-lxle-2-jpg
    2016 Axis Super Sport Trans Gold w/ Maple Neck
    1997 Axis Sport HSS Red w/ Maple Neck

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    No. 1 for 11 years and forevermore:

    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-axis1-jpg

    No. 2/3 depending on mood:

    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-starrynight-jpg

    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-hmcrackle-jpg
    My stuff:
    2007 Axis Pacific Blue Burst (9/25/07)
    2016 Axis SS Starry Night PDN (11/23/16)
    2016 Axis SS Semi-Hollow Trans Teal one-off (6/8/16)
    2018 Axis BFR Steel Blue No. 45 (9/18/18)
    2010 JP6 Mystic Dream (6/22/10)
    1989 Fender HM Strat HSS Blackstone
    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Caribbean Night
    1995 Washburn N2 Padauk Stain
    2017 Taylor 224ce-K DLX Koa
    SBMM JP70 Trans Purpleburst
    SBMM S.U.B. SB4 Black

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    Quote Originally Posted by spychocyco View Post

    No. 2/3 depending on mood:

    My go to Axes! What’s yours?-starrynight-jpg
    Man! That sparkle ASS sucks. I'd never want to buy that from you... just sayin'. ;-)
    2016 Axis Super Sport Trans Gold w/ Maple Neck
    1997 Axis Sport HSS Red w/ Maple Neck

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