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Thread: Extremely Impressed/Surprised with my first EBMM.

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    Extremely Impressed/Surprised with my first EBMM.

    I just purchased a EBMM Majesty Polar Noir color off Reverb a couple of weeks ago. I have six other guitars but this was my first EBMM. I have a Jackson USA soloist SL2H, a Warrior custom Dran Michael, a Carvin 7 string DC7X, an Aristides 070, a Carvin 8 string DC800, a 1992 Ibanez RG-550, and a PRS 1996 Swamp Ash Special.

    I have to say I expected this guitar to be nice, and I hoped to like it, but it has exceeded all my expectations in every domain. I have concluded it is my favorite guitar I own I believe, and I have only had it a few weeks. The Majesty plays so, so, so good. It plays amazing and the neck is so nice, its perfect after playing on massive jumbo frets and 7 or 8 string guitars constantly for the past few years. I feel like I am 10 times better at guitar than I actually am when I play the Majesty.

    The build quality is insanely good, it just has no flaws anywhere, and is the best neck through guitar build I have now. THE ELECTRONICS are insane, the components feel so nice and solid and smooth.....that is a massive outlier in the guitar world where even some of the nicer guitars I owned seem to have cheap, flimsy, wobbly components. And the push knobs are just dang well done. I play a lot of metal music, and I thought I would need to swap the pickups for Seymour Duncan high output, Bare Knuckles, or different Dimarzios like D-Activators in order to get what I wanted. But no the Illuminators sound incredible with the built in gain boost, the gain boost is one of my favorite things about this guitar. Its definitely extremely hot with the gain boost through an ENGL or EVH or MESA head, but the tone is still great and clear and has a lot of character. The Piezo is also really cool even though I probably wont use it very much at all, its just a cool thing to have and sounds really unique blended with the neck illuminator.

    I just wanted to report my experience here and say that I was blown away by this guitar, I love it a ton and I really want to get a JP 15 now. I think I would really like the JP-15 the neck seems it would play amazing as well. I have owned a lot of guitars and I loved my Mayones custom guitar and the custom Warrior I have is also really great, and both of those were expensive as hell but I like the Majesty even more. I never thought I would be this into an Ernie Ball guitar honestly and I never really looked into them very much at all. Even though I always loved Petrucci's Suspended Animation and Liquid Tension Experiment, I always just thought "weird...he plays an Ernie Ball Music Man whatever that is". This is just an amazing guitar for a reasonable price for what you get with the build quality and the boat load of electronics you get with it. Thanks.

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    Congrats. Enjoy

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    Congrats and welcome to the family! We have a saying around here - no pics no guitar!!! Let's see 'em!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
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    Great to hear so positive impressions. I hope to relate in couple of weeks when mine finally arrives.

    Congrats, enjoy!


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