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Thread: St.Vincent neck wood iterations?

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    St.Vincent neck wood iterations?

    For some reason I caught the St. Vincent bug. Can someone explain the various neck wood changes over the years? Did they start out with maple and rosewood/ebony and then go to all rosewood, and now to roasted maple and rosewood or ebony? If that's correct, why? Hard to find one of these guitars in person, so I'm wondering if there are differences depending on the version of neck wood. I'm also very anti-neck dive, so would one neck version be more or less prone to dive?
    Thanks all.

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    Wood history
    1. All rosewood
    2. 2017 BFRs - one was all Wenge, one was Roasted Maple and Rosewood board
    3. The current offerings - all roasted maple with different boards as per specs on website (not sure if stealth one is roasted or not- it’s not clear on the website)

    Move from all Rosewood likely reaction to CITES

    Albert Lee HH still all Rpsewood but they sell less of them than St V
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    It’s a great bug to have!


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    If only they had the S-S-S in blue dawn!
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