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Thread: My new Majesty

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    My new Majesty


    I finally took the plunge and bought the Majesty BFR Sahara Burst No 19 of 41.
    What a great guitar and couldn’t be happier.

    One minor disappointment though is that the guitar came already with some micro scratches.
    Also the string action and bridge saddles was way too high.

    My other Majesty Artisan was much better setup when i got it. Wonder, if someone from the music shop had played around with it...

    For some reasons i cannot upload pics of the guitar. Will need to check again later

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    Congratulations are in order =)

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    I couldn’t imagine guys at a guitar shop NOT playing with it.

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    Micro scratches? You mean swirlies? Have you polished it? Sometimes they aren't really scratches.

    As for action, it can shift due to weather. Is there relief in the neck? You can straighten it to lower action if there is relief.
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    Thanks for the replies so far!

    It’s really hard to capture these on camera, but i think there’s one pic where you can make out the scratches.

    Unfortunately polishing didn’t get rid of them...

    The neck is fairly straight, it’s the actual bridge saddles that seem up way high and didn’t match the neck radius properly.

    In the picture i already corrected it slightly, but still seems quite high (compared to my other Majesty)

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    Congratualations, what a great purchase!

    While I cannot speak from my own experience when it comes to receiving my first EBMM (yet, but I am getting closer!), I can see why you are somewhat dissatisfied with the condition of your instrument. It reminds me of the situation I ran into last year; long story made short, the axe that I received had tons of those micro-abrasions. I am by no means an expert, but this feels like a floor/demo unit that has seen some use (as it proved to be in my case). The mis-matched radius of the bridge can imply that as well - I cannot imagine EBMM missing the mark, and so significantly.

    While not a huge deal in itself, all of those little things can certainly dampen the enthusiasm, especially in the case of such beautiful instrument.

    All the best!
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    2 of my JPs were special order, and they both had the same sort of light pick scratches out of the box where a pickguard would typically be. In both cases I placed the special orders through GC, so I was adamant about them leaving it packed in the shipping box and 100% untouched until I picked them up (because, well, GC). I was able to polish them out with some automotive polishes with no issue, so I didn't make a fuss about it (quite a few threads on that topic here that are really helpful).

    One of those JPs had some quality control issues and had been back and forth to the factory a few times. Each time it came back those pick scratches reappeared. I can only imagine someone from the factory in charge of final testing put it through it's paces by applying a very healthy dose of punk before shipping it back. Again, I was able to polish them out (although the scratches the last time were much worse and it took a while). This was about 3-4 years ago now and it remains scratch free as it has not left my hands since. That, and the fact that I'm a very technical player and pick extremely lightly. Again, this was a few years ago and I hope whoever is in charge of testing these days is a little more respectful of the gear.

    BTW this is in no way meant as a jab at EBMM customer service. They have always been great and I've had no issues with any of the repairs they performed. I did mention this issue to customer service once, and they immediately offered to take it back and polish it for me at the factory, which I appreciated. But, since I had done it before with success I just took care of it again to avoid any additional damage during shipping.
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    Guys, thanks for the replies!

    I absolutely love the guitar and can't imagine ever selling it....

    However, I do was somewhat disappointed not getting this at 100% in order as you can imagine.
    Anyways I will not make a big fuss about this, as I believe it's not EBMM fault on QC but rather the Music Store I got it from...

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    I suggest you set up the action the way you want it, play it like it's meant to be played for a week, and those little marks will be long forgotten...
    Enjoy Your Balls!!!

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