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Thread: can we put 0.10 on the luke III without having any issues?

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    can we put 0.10 on the luke III without having any issues?

    can we put 0.10 on the luke III without having any issues?
    meaning :
    probably i will have to adjust the neck and the tremolo springs and all but what about the nut?
    would i have to widen the nut slots?

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    Should not have to widen the nut slots unless you notice the strings binding there. It is in all likelihood not going to bind at all. A truss rod tweak is likely needed and the springs will depend on how you like the bridge to sit. Luke sets his up so that the G string will raise 1 1/2 steps. You can set the springs up how you want. I personally do exactly what Luke does.

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    I use 10s and I may have done a bit of neck tighting up. However I could not make it work with 2 springs due to screw space and overall increase in tension so I rock 3 springs.

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    Yes , you can ��.
    All you need is minor spring and neck adjustments , as said above .
    I use hybrids 9-46 on all my regular tuned guitars without any issues.
    Ex-guitar player .

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    I put 10s on mine without any issues. Use 3 springs and adjust your trembvlaw, action and relief as needed to your tastes.

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    Yeah, definitely gonna need 3 springs if you move up to .010 strings. I have had no issues with nut binding or other wise with my Luke III, which is now set up for .010 strings. I tried to love the .009s, but they were just too flimsy for me.
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